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GTHOG Photo Gallery

While the Grand Teton Chapter, H.O.G. group is out "Riding and Having Fun," we occasionally capture the moment for posterity (unless it might get us in trouble!). Check out the photo galleries here by clicking on the link.

GTHOG Photo Gallery

Event Description Event Date
Flaming Gorge: Lots of fun during a great three-day ride through Flaming Gorge! Check out the photo gallery. Thanks Dave Russell for all the great photos! May 14-16, 2021
Ride for 22: The 2021 riding season kicked off with a large group of GTHOG members and non-members riding together to Boise for the Ride for 22 charity event. Check out the photo gallery. April 16-18, 2021
Christmas Party: We held the GTHOG Christmas party on the 21st, with about 50 members and guests. With the venue at Guns-N-Gear in Idaho Falls, we first had a shooting competition (congrats to Troy, Jim, and Dave for their tight groups). The meal was great, catered by Dixie's Diner, and all members received a matte black HOG coffee mug. Some other announcements were made -- for details, check the January newsletter. Anyway, see the photos here. December 21, 2019



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