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Grand Teton
Chapter 4697

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About Grand Teton Chapter, H.O.G.

The Grand Teton Chapter of H.O.G. was organized in 1999 in Blackfoot, Idaho. Chapter Number 4697 was incorporated in 2000, about the same time as the dealership was moving from Blackfoot to take over a "spud cellar" next to a railroad siding in Idaho Falls, ID. Our first meetings in those tight quarters were limited to the old garage area in front of the potato sack warehousing portion of the building. The facility next door that washed the potates, gave most of us a new appreciation for the term "fresh pack" potatoes. While some of the original records from that time have been lost, we had about 12 regular members, plus the enthusiastic "dealer folk." But our aim was certainly clear - To Ride and Have Fun!

Although the "good ole days" are more than a decade ago, our goals remain unchanged: To ride and have fun with our friends; make new friends; encourage others to understand the commeraderie of the Harley-Davidson Family; and reach out to others with whom we share and enjoy the road. We are a family oriented chapter involved in local community support events, motorcycle events and other activities where we can share the freedom of the road with other riders.

If you have recently purchased a new Harley-Davidson motorycle from Grand Teton Harley-Davidson you have some good news. Harley-Davison has covered your membership in National H.O.G. for a year and Grand Teton Harley-Davidson has covered your first year dues in Grand Teton Chapter H.O.G.. So come along and see what we're about. We're sure you'll want to keep coming along and enjoying the ride and sharing your experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles!


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