Tri State Jack Russell Terrier Club, Inc. Tri State Jack Russell Terrier Club, Inc.

Grand Teton

Chapter 1438

GTHOG is sponsored by
Grand Teton Harley-Davidson

Grand Teton Chapter, H.O.G. Membership


Membership in any local H.O.G. Chapter has two basic requirements:
• Ownership of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle,
• Having a current membership in National H.O.G..

Membership also has its benefits:
• Participating in Chapter arranged special rides and events for members only,
• Receive Chapter Newsletter,
• Special activities hosted by our sponsor Grand Teton Harley-Davidson for Chapter members,
• Email notifications, alerts and updates,
• Other community events.

We've also been known to have a party or two throughout the year for members only.

If you would like to become a member of Grand Teton Chapter, H.O.G., please go to and join the National H.O.G. membership. Then, fill out the Grand Teton Chapter, H.O.G. application form as well as the GTHOG Photo Release, and send or hand-deliver to the current GTHOG Secretary or GTHOG Director. You can also deliver the application form directly to Grand Teton Harley-Davidson. You'll be added to the e-mail list, invited to the Monthly GTHOG Chapter Meetings, and any other Chapter events and rides.

Note: chapter membership renewals must be received in the first 3 months of each year, and consist of making sure your National HOG membership is valid and signing the GTHOG application form along with the $15 renewal fee. If you signed the Photo Release already, then it does not need to be resubmitted.



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